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Dormition Cathedral   Успенcкий Собор

Russian Orthodox Church in Ferndale Michigan

Our Russian Orthodox Church follows the traditional Julian calendar. Services are in Slavonic and English. We welcome everybody to participate in our divine services of our Russian Orthodox Church.

25 Years of Archprist Viktor Trotskyy

Our Address

2101 Livernois St Ferndale, MI 48220
Archpriest Viktor Trotskyy
Phone: (248) 819-0479

Service Hours

Saturdays Vigil 6pm
Sundays Hours 9:40am
Liturgy 10am

We Appreciate Your Donations

Donations to  Church

During the last several weeks, we have been unable to attend church as we normally would due to the COVID-19 restrictions.  That has been a hardship to us spiritually and to our church financially.  Without the weekly collection, other donations plus money from the luncheons, the usual income is lacking.  However, our church still has expenses that need to be paid – utilities, salaries, etc.  If you are not already doing so, please consider sending your donation on a regular basis until we’re out of this predicament.   Your generosity will be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!

Пожертвования в Церковь

В течение последних нескольких недель мы не могли посещать церковь, как обычно, из-за ограничений COVID-19. Это было тяжелым испытанием для нас духовно и финансово для нашей церкви. Без еженедельного сбора, других пожертвований плюс деньги с обедов обычный доход отсутствует. Однако в нашей церкви по-прежнему есть расходы, которые необходимо оплатить: коммунальные услуги, зарплата и т.д. Если вы этого еще не сделали, рассмотрите возможность отправки пожертвований на регулярной основе, пока мы не выйдем из этого затруднительного положения. Ваша щедрость будет высоко оценена! Спасибо!

Please make donations to:
Assumption of Virgn Mary
2101 Livernoise
Ferndale, MI 48220

Wear a Face Mask to Keep COVID-19 from Spreading

Face masks are required. This includes both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Please keep a 6-foot distance from others who are not part of your household.


Our checking account is getting uncomfortably low! With church attendance still
down, weekly donations are substantially less than normal. If you are not yet comfortable
coming to church due to this virus, please consider making regular donations via mail or on
our website via PayPal. We still have salaries and utilities to pay. Should there be an
emergency, we do not have any wiggle room. Please – try to be as generous as possible
during these difficult times!!!!!!

Gardening help

As I wrote last month, don’t stop helping just yet. There are some things
that will need to be cut back mid to late October. Hopefully, we can get a few people
together on a Saturday (or two) to get this done. The more the merrier, so please let me
know when you can help. More hands make less work for each person.

Thank you! Davida

Diseased Trees

The 3 maple trees on the west/parking lot side of our property are dying.
One’s already kaput; the other two keep losing branches – sometimes large ones and
hopefully none will fall when someone’s car is parked there. The one closest to the back
entrance is also hanging over electrical lines. An arborist happened to stop by a few weeks
ago when I was working outside and said he could cut down the dead tree. I asked what
he’d charge to cut all three. He said $1,500. I haven’t gotten any other estimates yet but,
unfortunately, we can’t afford to have these 3 trees cut down given our treasury situation (see
above paragraph). If anyone knows of someone who could cut them down for free or a
very, very, very reasonable price, or if someone’s willing to donate to have them cut down,
please let me or Fr. Viktor know.

Thanks! – Davida